Outdoor Team Building Activities

Team building activities can be a great way for employees to refresh their stressed out minds and bodies as well. They can range from fun experiences to serious activities aimed at behavioral change. Team building is aimed at developing a better sense of responsibility, trust, and collaboration between team members.

In this case, many organizations, schools, companies, and other institutions are continually investing in team building activities by taking part in team assessment techniques, interactive exercises, and group discussions to promote and cultivate a very important virtue – teamwork. In most cases, the contexts of these activities is work organizations and sport clubs. According to the current trends, different cultures ad societies have dynamically interacted with each other thereby creating a new shared system of values and beliefs. This shift led to a revolution in communication and the result is a truly global market system.

Each organization has its own challenges in team building, companies like EessenceAdventure realize this.  Poor performance from the employees will make the whole organization suffer. This could be from a number of things, however, the most common cause of dismal employee performance is lack of motivation and stress in the workplace. Therefore, to give the company a much-needed boost in their morale, outdoor team building activities can help a great deal.

Although most people will naturally thrive better in groups, the team can greatly benefit from extra motivation if it is particularly low on competition, trust, and cooperation. These ideas for outdoor games can help make the team more proactive at work, and boost their output.

1.    Rock Climbing
You won’t need to be athletic or super fit in order to enjoy this sport. Rock climbing can be done outdoors and indoors as well. However, it is better to do it in a wide, open space, for the team to enjoy more fresh air. Since fear is one of the driving factors against aggressiveness in pursuing goals, this activity will help the team to tackle one of the most common fears – height. It also helps them build more trust by scaling the wall with a partner and a rope.

2.    Paint Ball Challenge
It may sound like it’s meant for pros, but you will be surprised how well paint ball games can improve the cohesiveness of your team. Here, teams should be divided according to the respective departments, to encourage some competition. Each person should be dressed with protective gear and be armed with paint ball guns. Teams will essentially have to come up with strategies to outwit each other in this messy outdoor game. Here, communication is very important, and will be put into test.

3.    Nature Hunt
This is a competitive yet fun team game that can be played with teams of up to 10 members. Each group is given a list of things that they need to look for in a specified time limit. the first team to bring all of the listed items wins the game. The challenge here is to challenge yourself and teamwork.

These activities are a fun way to take a break from the office work.

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